"Everybody welcome to Lapland if you know how to survive!"


Key Holder promises that you will find survival tips for your trip to Rovaniemi by reading our articles.
Take your coffee or tea and lay down. If any question arises, you know where to ask.

Concierge can make the difference


Why use the concierge, well why not?! Just kindly remind You that when Google cannot take care of Your needs and wishes professionally but The Concierge definitely can. Also if you are super busy and seeking for a creative solution to manage your holiday better or if you want more time and less stress, then definitely let us assist You!


There are countless options to plan your holiday but the Concierge will get to know you, your wishes, your preferences and will be able to fulfill your expectations.


Most probably you will not have all the resources to take care of your holiday from beginning to end. You might think that it would be easier for you to choose the way; “just do it by myself”, however, it will cost you more time and money than getting all done with the concierge service.


We spend a lot of time to develop a trusted relationship with every type of trade and services thus ensuring you get the best product and the right price every single time.


We ensure you that you will definitely feel that “It is worth it.”

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