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Key Holder

Key Holder Rovaniemi, Airbnb, Concierge, Individual Tour, Tour, Custom made tour, Excursion, Aurora Borealis, Northern Light, Husky Tour, Reindeer Tour
Key Holder Concierge

We create a custom made

travel plan to bring another level of professionalism to your vacation. 

 Key Holder Airbnb

Airbnb owner we raise you to Superhost. Let us take your vacation rental business

to new heights.

With our small group tour,

you will bring unforgettable memories 

back to your home. 

 Key Holder Airbnb
Airbnb Guest
Airbnb Host

About KH

Hi, my name is Süha and I am the founder of the Key Holder company. Let me tell you something about us. Key Holder business idea came up during a late evening car drive after two days camping in the magnificent Lappish forest under the northern lights.


The profession of concierge has always been my passion and I have always wanted to do something related to it. During the past ten years, I have improved my skills in the field of the tourism industry. I have been a member of Le Clef`s Do`r for years. This has given me a big opportunity to create a wide network all around the world. While I have been creating a network and getting to know new people and countries, I could clearly see that Rovaniemi has been missing something.


So on the car on our way back to Rovaniemi I was telling to Eerika about the profession of the concierge. And at that very moment, the "Key Holder" concept came out from my mouth almost accidentally. I knew exactly what needed to be done and my journey towards my dreams took a giant leap.


After few days I and Eerika started to think about the name of the company. I kept telling " should be related to "key" since I am the Most Northern Concierge on the planet who holds the Golden Keys of Le Clefs dÓr." Then Eerika said, "Well as you are going to keep keys, then why not Key Holder?". The logo is mainly designed by Eerika. We shared the same idea of the style of it and also the products and the whole concept.


I guess I forgot to introduce you Eerika, the co-founder of the Key Holder. She is a happy camper, a true Forester by profession too! Eerika has been working with nature protection and forestry for a decade. From nature guiding, environment and nature educating to conducting private protection areas and international projects - a wide range of environment works. She reminds me of the hobbit character in one of the most famous movies. Eerika is always ready to go into deep woods with her small backpack, her fairy black lovely furry four legged friend Urho, and her always "Cheer Up!" -mode. She has always been there whenever I have needed help for this project. Therefore I one day asked her "You happy camper, instead of just helping me, why don´t you be my partner and build the Key Holder together?".


The concept and idea of Key Holder has been inside me for long, but now all pieces found their places.


And now our team is ready to make the impossible possible for You! 




Key Holder Rovaniemi, Airbnb, Concierge, Individual Tour, Tour, Custom made tour, Excursion, Aurora Borealis, Northern Light, Husky Tour, Reindeer Tour

We wish to hear from You

If You need any information, idea or support, just drop a note to us.

We will be in touch in maximum 12 hours.

Contact information

Key Holder Rovaniemi Ltd

+358 (0) 207301830

Saarijyrhämäntie 113,97510 Rovaniemi

Suomi, Finland

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